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AliceKeeler workshops at L Street

1719 L Street

Fresno, CA 93721

Note: Parking is limited. Street parking only.

Filtering Gmail Workshop - FREE

Monday September 10th - 3pm to 4pm

Filtering Gmail is an important skill for students (and adults.) Email can get out of control easily and knowing how to set up filters and search information in Gmail can help tame the beast. This workshop will cover how to search for emails in Gmail. How to change the subject line to more efficiently communicate. How to set up filters to organize emails.

This workshop will NOT focus on mobile use. Setting up filtering must be done on a PC, Mac, Chromebook. Please bring a laptop.

This workshop is NOT recorded. It is live participation only.

Please register on SendOwl

Chawanakee Academy Home School

Looking for an alternative that works for your family? Design your own educational experience!

  • Free curriculum.
  • Ability to participate in sports, co-curriculars, face to face elective classes.
  • Chromebook included.
  • Optional learning experiences at L Street and other locations.

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A one hour meetup of educators! Come on down to have unconference conversation and coffee!