Go Slow Workshops

Go Slow Workshops: Instead of 6 hours all crammed into one day, let's spread the workshop out over 6 weeks.

1 Hour a Week

Go Slow Online Workshops are an opportunity to learn a little, try it, come back and learn a little more. They are designed to take approximately 1 hour a week (not including time you spend with your students.) You can participate as little or as much as you want.

Interact with Alice and Others

The biggest advantage to the Go Slow workshop is the personal attention you receive from Alice Keeler each week. You will have an opportunity to share how it is going in your classroom and receive a personal response to help encourage and guide you in using tech with your students to improve learning.

Workshops are not content specific (unless otherwise stated). The workshops are not curriculum builders but rather activity builders. Apply your learning objectives to use with these activities and these skills.


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If you would like unlimited access to the Go Slow workshops you can subscribe for $100 a year (payment plan of $10 a month is available). Go to http://alicekeeler.com/goslowsub for the subscription button (at the bottom). Unfortunately at this time the new Google Sites does not let me embed things and the PayPal subscription button had to be an HTML embed.

Current Go Slow Workshops

Google Classroom Basics

If you are brand new to Google Classroom this online workshop is intended to give you experience using Google Classroom as a student. This will be extremely helpful as you navigate Google Classroom with your students. Going digital is NOT about putting all your stuff online, it is about taking advantage of how to improve interactions and improve learning with students. This workshop will introduce you to some of the basics in Google Classroom and how to interact with your students, not how to be paperless.

Next Steps with Google Classroom

This 6 week workshop is for users of Google Classroom who know the basics of creating a class and assignments in Google Classroom. This workshop provides the next steps for how to use Google Classroom to improve interacting with students and other assignment types that Google Classroom makes possible. You will practice assignment types (not subject specific) and then do an assignment like that with your students!!

Keep Going with Next Steps

This 3 week workshop allows you to keep going in the Next Steps with Google Classroom workshop. An extra 3 weeks of learning. You do NOT need to have taken the Next Steps with Google Classroom Go Slow workshop to enroll in the Keep Going.

Collaborative Activities Using G Suite

This 6 week workshop is for users of G Suite who want to learn some activity ideas to use with students that take advantage of the collaborative features of G Suite.

Note: For this workshop you will sign up for a Collaborative Learning Group where your group will pick a time each week to do a quick collaboration.

More Collaborative Activities Using G Suite

Another 6 weeks of collaborative activities you can do with your students using G Suite. You do NOT need to take the first Go Slow Collaborative Activities with G Suite workshop to sign up for this one.

Note: For this workshop you will sign up for a Collaborative Learning Group where your group will pick a time each week to do a quick collaboration.

Teaching with Google Sheets for Newbies

6 weeks of teaching things you can do with Google Sheets spreadsheets. This workshop is for educators who are new to using Google Sheets. Every subject area (even Kindergarten) should be using spreadsheets. Teachers especially need to use spreadsheets to manage their rosters, data and teacher stuff they have to do. Don't be afraid of spreadsheets, they are awesome. Remember... "The answer is always a spreadsheet."

More Teaching with Google Sheets (2)

Another 6 week workshop to keep going with how you can use Google Sheets to teach.

Very Intro to Coding Google Apps Script

This workshop assumes you know nothing about coding. Since it is only 6 weeks with just a little each week we will NOT get very far. This is really intended to give you a basic idea of what Google Apps Script is and to gain some confidence that YOU CAN DO THIS.

CAUTION: Alice can NOT review or debug your code. Part of the fun of coding is figuring out why it didn't work. Please do not expect to share your code and ask "why is this not working."

Increasing DOK with G Suite

Depth of Knowledge (DOK) is how much critical thinking the students are doing. The majority of assignments we have been doing for the last 20 years are DOK 1. How can we increase the DOK when we are G Suite users? This 4 week workshop gets you started thinking about how to get the DOK up using G Suite tools.

Note: This workshop is only available to subscription members.

Teaching with Alice Keeler Chrome Extensions

Chrome users (does not work on iPad's) can use Chrome extensions to increase efficiency. In this workshop you will learn tips for using Alice Keeler Chrome extensions for teaching. Specific activity ideas will be shared and you will practice these with your students.

More to Come

Additional Go Slow workshops will be added.

Participant Quotes

Do this! It changed me as a teacher and initiated a new way of thinking about using Google Classroom!

Kim Marchal (Next Steps with Google Classroom)

A MUST attend for anyone who wants to use GAFE efficiently and make sure students are engaged at the same time! Worth every penny!

Stephanie White (Next Steps with Google Classroom)

Alice Keeler's online workshops are transformative! Under her amazing expertise & enthusiasm, I have learned innovative ways to use Google Classroom to make student learning more collaborative, student centered, & focused on making all of our students' thinking visible. The resources, activities, & tips she has shared with us have been life changing! We have learned the power of Teacher & Peer Feedback through Google Apps, and how easy it is to provide immediate feedback so that the focus is on the student learning process. Alice has navigated us through what's possible when student voice & choice is front and center of a learning community and the endless possibilities when student are empowered to choose how to demonstrate their learning.

Noemi Reyes (Next Steps with Google Classroom)

They are so informative! I was never left with questions! Keeler had thought through every misconception and had great visuals to get you through!

Erin Fink (Next Steps with Google Classroom)

Challenging, fun--I learned something every week that made me think, "I wish I'd known that last fall!"

Anne McCormack (Next Steps with Google Classroom)

Go Slow is the best way to try professional Development. Having homework to try lessons out on your class is hands on practice with the tools you already have and sharpening your skills to meet the needs of todays learners.

Clint Trowbridge (Next Steps with Google Classroom)

I definitely recommend taking the course as the applications fit all courses, grade levels, and technology skill levels.

Donald McRoy