Go Slow Live

Go Slow Live Conference Workshop

Go Slow Workshop Live Conferences cover the content of all day workshops but are spread out over 6 weeks. Cramming 6 hours of learning into one sitting is more than your brain can handle. Instead, we will start the workshop together in person and then follow up virtually through Google Classroom. Each week a new activity will be released for you to practice in your class and ask questions. You will have an opportunity to interact with the instructor and ask questions.

Go Slow Workshop Live Conference events physically take place at a particular location. If you are unable to join in person, you can join online for the live stream.

Workshops will include tech integration. Please bring a laptop. Tablets and phones may not be able to fully participate, it is recommended to have a laptop or Chromebook.

Cancelled Due To Illness

January 3, 2019 Brea, California

3 Live Workshops. $99 Each

ViewSonic Office in Brea, CA

10 Pointe Dr, Brea, CA 92821

$10 Lunch for Workshop Participants

Teaching Elementary Math in the 21st Century with Cori Orlando

“I’m just not good at math” is a narrative that we need to change. But how? If we want math learning to change, we must change the way math is taught. When we are armed with the research, understanding, resources, support and activities to create different math experiences for kids, math learning and understanding will be different for kids. In the live, participant-centered, session you will be introduced and engaged in a number of tasks that can be implemented at any grade level. Through the next five “Go Slow” workshops, take a deeper dive into practical activities. You will try them with your students while receiving support and feedback along the way.

Cori is a 3rd grade teacher and math instructional coach.

9:30am - 11am January 3rd

Cost $99


Live on Jan. 3rd: Overview, Moving Past 20th Century Math, and Live Participation

Go Slow- Week 2: Number Talks

Go Slow - Week 3: Number Of The Day Routines

Go Slow - Week 4: Which One Doesn’t Belong

Go Slow - Week 5: Three Act Math

Go Slow- Week 6: Lesson Remix (bring your lessons, let’s remix)

Doing Math in Google Sheets with Alice Keeler

"When am I ever going to use this?"

"You can not use technology in math!"

The answer is always a spreadsheet! Spreadsheets provide context for math students and provide them valuable skills for using math in the real world. In this workshop math teacher Alice Keeler will work with you on how to take math book problems and put them into Google Sheets.

12:30pm - 2pm January 3rd

Cost $99


Live on Jan. 3rd: Google Sheets Math Problems

Go Slow - Week 2: Formatting Sheets And Writing Formulas

Go Slow - Week 3: Using Math Formulas in Spreadsheets

Go Slow - Week 4: Practicing Math Problems in a Spreadsheet

Go Slow - Week 5: Persevere in Problem Solving with Google Sheets

Go Slow - Week 6: Mad Libs Math

Multiple Workshop Discount

Save 10% by participating in 2 of the Go Slow Workshop live events.

Go Slow Live + Subscription

Join Alice Keeler and Cori Orlando in Brea, CA on the 3rd of January and continue your learning with a year long subscription to Alice Keeler Go Slow Online Workshops.

Both Go Slow Live Workshops + Annual Subscription

Cost $259