• Welcome to my Spanish classroom website. On this site you will be able to find approximate timeline calendars for class assignments and websites to help with at home practice. This year in class you will be:

  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Presenting oral reports
  • Presenting live or recorded skits
  • Completing general practice homework to practice, apply, and review skills
  • Taking comprehensive tests and quizzes
  • Completing comprehensive individual and group test and projects

Spanish levels 3 and 4 will also be required to participate in class by speaking in Spanish for points. Spanish 2 will have this requirement also but not until the second semester. Grammar will not be graded in this activity.

Grades are made up of the percentage of total points earned. Each quarter carries the value of 50% of the semester grade.

Late work must be completed in a timely manner within the current unit of study to receive credit. Late work from non-current chapters will not be accepted. No extra credit will be offered in substitution for missed worked, however the opportunity to retake a current quiz or test will be offered if all homework is up to date. The quiz or test retake must be completed within one week of the date of the original assessment. The exact same assessment will not be given as a retake but the material covered will be the same.

After three tardy arrivals to class a detention will be issued to be served after school. This also serves as the policy for late arrivals from a lunch dismissal during fifth hour.

No MP3 devices or cellular phones will be allowed in class unless express permission is given for a class project. These items are disruptive to class time and will be removed to my desk for retrieval at the end of the class period for the first offense. The second time will result in removal to the main office for retrieval at the end of the school day. Beyond two removals the phone will need to be retrieved by a parent from the main office.

Alburnett High School has no world language requirement for graduation, however, most colleges require a minimum of two years in high school with a grade of C- or higher for admission. Many colleges require four years of study in high school or the equivalent in community college studies in order to not take anymore during their college course work. These four years must be a minimum of two consecutive years of any world language, including American Sign Language. When transferring from one college to another, colleges will check all student records from high school and the transferring college to make sure these requirements have been met. Many of these same colleges also offer world language incentive programs for free college credit. Please make sure you take advantage of these opportunities and get the years of study you need while it is free to you!

Because each student will have had variations in exposure to Spanish, it will be important that everyone use the expressions that we are using in class that will be understood by all other students in the class. This will allow us to be comfortable speaking with each other as we grow together in our conversational skills and as a learning community. Electronic translation is prohibited. Signing up for this class implies that you are willing to put for the effort to learn and grow as a student, use of electronic or internet translation devices or websites is not allowed and will be considered as cheating.