Given the recent attention to hate-related incidents in Alberta, there is a significant need to document these incidents. The purpose of the website is to fill this gap and create a space to document incidents using an online form. Users can document hate incidents and help build a heat map of documented hate incidents to raise awareness and help inform the Alberta Hate Crimes Committee's work.

Access the reporting tool here.

Beyond Hate

Beyond Hate is a community resource toolkit and workshop series designed to help communities address hate as it arises. It assists in identifying hate, what laws exist to address hate, and community response through action, education, prevention and partnership.

Access the toolkit here.

Action Alberta

The Action Alberta: Communities Responding to Hate project brings together partners working with diverse communities across the province with the shared goal of addressing hate, racism, and discrimination. This project brings together community and partners to strengthen responses to hate by encouraging use of reporting mechanisms like, developing and sharing tools for communities to respond to hate, and enhancing the capacity of facilitators. The goal of this project is to work with partners within municipalities to develop a framework and response plan to address issues and identify solutions in responding to hate, racism, and discrimination in their communities.

Thank you to the Alberta Hate Crimes Committee supporters for making these projects possible