Core Practice Modules

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"Seal on the ice" by Moriah Daniels, Grade 1, Elim

Core Practice A: Desire to gather information on the historical context of the local community from multiple perspectives, and to utilize that historical knowledge as a foundation on which to build academic experiences

Core Practice B: Ability to elicit student thinking and facilitate reflective thinking in students

Core Practice C: Ability to look at and learn from student work

Core Practice D: Ability to actively listen to students and to learn from them and other non-conventional sources of knowledge

Core Practice E: Ability to identify and respectfully incorporate local resources (including people, the land, and any aspect of the community) into the classroom

Core Practice F: Ability to facilitate a workshop approach in the classroom where different students, or groups of students are doing different things at different times

Core Practice G: Ability and inclination to engage students in out-of-the-classroom learning experiences that integrate the local environment and community

Core Disposition: Willingness to reject deficit thinking by cultivating and promoting an ethic of excellence for all students in every classroom