Home Learning

Home learning is a chance for your child to share what they can do and it's an opportunity for you to praise them for the effort they make. It should be a valuable relationship building time - if it's not it might be time to review it.

We teach a wide range of students with different backgrounds and different parent expectations of homework. Some households find homework to be a delightful process, where the family has the time to engage in learning together. Others find it a painful process, fraught with tension, tantrums and tears. Some are simply time poor and unable to schedule it in to their busy lives.

If you are experiencing any challenges around homework, please see the classroom teacher. Home learning should be a positive time for you and your children.

We expect students to do some reading and basic facts practice at home each night. Reading doesn't have to be about your child reading to you - children get just as much learning from you reading to them! Basic facts can be practiced in all sorts of ways - testing, chanting, and writing. We also encourage students to go onto www.prototec.co.nz to gain some valuable practice. We run a weekly basic facts competition using prototec within a 3 1/2 minute time frame.

If you'd like your child to do a little more homework please see the classroom teacher.