2021 ToT Winners

The AITO Test of Time Winners for 2021

An Overview of AspectJ. Gregor Kiczales, Erik Hilsdale, Jim Hugunin, Mik Kersten, Jeffrey Palm, William G. Griswold. ECOOP 2001.

Award committee: Wolgang De Meuter (chair, AITO exec member), Jonathan Aldrich (PC member of ECOOP 2021), Görel Hedin (PC member of ECOOP 2001)

Motivations: This paper introduces a dynamic join point model with pointcuts that is now a part of the vocabulary that is covered by popular SE textbooks such as the one by Ian Sommerville. The paper describes a practical implementation of AOP by extending Java, the most popular programming language at the time. This made it a seminal paper that has been refered to more than 4000 times. The paper turned AOP into a mature research topic which also influenced other topics such as context-oriented programming, feature-oriented programming and software product lines.