AISB Counseling


To provide students with access to a counselor who works in conjunction with teachers and families to facilitate the development of each student’s academic, social and emotional potential to help them achieve their immediate and future goals.


The AISB counseling team believes that guidance and counseling services are integral to our academic program. The counseling team believes that all students have dignity and worth and that each is unique and contributes to the school community. Our counseling services promote the necessary skills, attitudes and beliefs for all students to effectively manage present and future challenges; they are offered on the foundational belief that such services are best when there is a strong partnership between school and home.

Belief Statements

Depending on the developmental levels of our students, our school counselors:

  • Serve as advocates for each student

  • Hold students to high standards and expect them to demonstrate self-advocacy and responsibility as is cognitively and developmentally appropriate

  • Advocate for a student-centred, safe environment for all

  • Work collaboratively with teachers and others to support the academic, behavioural and mental health needs of students

  • Provide brief personal counselling and make referrals when needed

  • Implement the counseling program and use data and reflection to continually improve the delivery of the program

  • Assist in course selection and planning and conduct meetings for academic guidance and university admission planning as age-appropriate


  • Individual counseling

  • Social Emotional lessons

  • Behaviour supports

  • Family consultation

  • University counseling

  • Personal/social support

  • Academic supports

  • College and career support

  • Whole school well being events

  • Parental education workshops

AISB is committed to hiring trained, certified professionals who abide by the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) professional ethics and practices, including the guidance about confidentiality.