Walk/Run for India Cincy Club

Want to Walk or Run for India? Are you concerned about global warming, severe draught and fast vanishing water table in India? You are not alone!

Join AID Cincinnati Volunteers, who are walking or running and showing their support for the Watershed Project that AID Cincinnati supports. Register and you can get training and company from volunteers who have several years of experience in running marathons

Train to walk/run in picturesque Cincy Downtown in the Flying Pig Half Marathon
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Run for India is a Half-marathon training and fundraising program organized by the Association for India's Development (AID). This program provides a 4 months training for the Flying Pig Half Marathon. The training is provided by experienced coaches and runners. Participation needs no prior walking or running experience. ​

This year the marathon will be on Sunday, May 7th 2023. The training will start on Jan 8th 2023 lasting 4 months. Phase 1 is a month long and focused on strength training, flexibility and getting into a routine for walking/running. Phase 2 is 12 weeks staring on Feb 14th and slowly builds up to a half marathon distance.

The training program is designed to help both novice and experienced walkers/runners. We provide nutritional guidance, group runs on weekends, advice on injury-free running, and tracking of your daily exercise/stretching/hydration targets.

We hope to raise support for the watershed project through the Run for India program. We ask each walker/runner for a commitment to raise $200.

Raise Funds for Watershed Project

  • $ 200 can help in rejuvenating a small mountain stream

  • $ 500 can support plantation & nurturing of 2500 mangroves in Sundarbans

  • $ 600 will support the excavation of a farm pond (60 feet X 40 feet X 10 feet) in a drought prone village in Jharkhand

  • $ 800 can help support the construction of a checkdam to conserve soil and water

AID Cincinnati supports watershed project, a movement for ecological restoration of forest, land and groundwater by applying both modern science (physics of hydrology) and indigenous knowledge (soil regeneration). In partnership with AID, tribal communities of Jharkhand have built watershed areas and small check-dams that promoted water percolation underground, revived local flora and fauna, and enabled successful crop harvest in previously arid regions. With your support and partnership with the local community, AID can restore more degraded land and mitigate the effects of climate change