Purpose and Aims of AGATEVic

Association for Gifted and Talented Education Victoria

• Affiliated with the Australian Association for the Education of the Gifted and Talented (AAEGT)

• Affiliated with the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children (WCGTC)


  • To realise the gifted potential of students in Victoria and enable their talent development


  • To develop a professional association in Victoria that has academic, teacher and psychological expertise in gifted education and talent development to advocate for gifted students
  • To provide a professional association for teachers and psychologists with an interest in gifted children and their education that aims to provide for their intellectual, creative, social and emotional needs.
  • To raise the awareness in the educational community of the research evidence that underpins gifted education, creativity and talent development
  • To develop teachers’ knowledge and understanding of gifted children and best educational practice in regard to high ability grouping, acceleration, instructional strategies, differentiated curriculum, and inquiry learning
  • To raise awareness and knowledge amongst teachers and parents of the needs of gifted students diagnosed on the autism spectrum and appropriate teaching strategies for their talent development
  • To develop educational policies for gifted children
  • To develop educational programs for gifted students
  • To lobby key stakeholders in Victoria including politicians, universities, schools
  • To facilitate research around gifted children, adolescents and adults in Victoria
  • To develop partnerships both within and outside Australia to further these aims
  • To encourage and support professional learning for teachers of gifted and highly able students