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A message from the AGATEVic Board

The Covid 19 pandemic continues to place enormous pressures on our educators, families and children. Schools are closed and severe lockdown restrictions are still in place. There was some easing of restrictions announced last Sunday and some good news for primary school children and their parents.

We are all looking forward to an easing of restrictions and the return of all our students to school. However the future for students wishing to attend select entry schools is still in limbo. Please read this article from the AGE newspaper:

Families in limbo over suspension of school entry exams

The transition back to school, although extremely welcoming, does place enormous pressures on our teachers and schools. We know that they will do a great job but to further support parents and teachers in this transition we have placed a new resource for you on our Links and Resources page entitled: Recommendations on Starting School in the Covid 19 pandemic from the American Psychological Association. We hope you find this resource helpful.

Perhaps it is also worth remembering:

Nothing is worth more than this day.You cannot relive yesterday .Tomorrow is still beyond our reach. (Johann Wolfgang Van Goethe)

Lastly if our members, their families, or your schools have any particular requests for help, support or professional development that we can achieve in a Covid safe way, please email your request directly via the Contact tab.