PE & Sport Vision

At Percy Shurmer Academy we know that PE plays an important role in the development of our children.

We believe that if children are healthy and active they will achieve more. We want every Percy Shurmer Academy child to be:

  • Competent and confident physically;
  • Competitive successfully; and
  • Committed to maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle.

We take PE and Sport at Percy Shurmer Academy very seriously, investing in it and seeing it as central to our school culture and ethos. A key reason why we invest in and value PE and school sport is the wider benefits we believe it brings in developing the ‘whole person’ and developing a ‘culture of success’.

At Percy Shurmer Academy, competitive sport is viewed as part of a broad curriculum. All KS2 pupils are given the chance to participate in intra-school sport competitions and the vast majority in inter-school sports competitions.

We believe that a child’s education is richer if they are given the chance to compete. Children enjoy competition. It encourages them to improve their performance. Yes, competitive sport also carries with it the chance of defeat, but we believe this is also the best way to prepare children for the setbacks that at some stage in life a lot of people face. Sadly we can’t guarantee that every child will be winner when they step onto the field, pitch or court but we can guarantee that every child who represents PSA will grow and learn from each victory as well as defeat.

Percy Shurmer Academy are part of the Calthorpe Sports Partnership, which gives of children the chance to compete in a variety of sports in the Sainsbury School Games against local schools. This gives children the chance to develop the Sainsbury School Games values of:

  • Passion
  • Self belief
  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Teamwork
  • Determination

We aim to encourage a lifetime love of sport and keeping fit and encourage children to be the best that they can be.

Most of all, we believe that PE and Sport at PSA helps children to develop into well-rounded and successful individuals.