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Why a TV Studio?

Inclusion - A TV Studio run by our pupils and for our pupils will help build an inclusive atmosphere in the school. TV is all about communication and running a TV Studio takes commitment and teamwork in order for it to be a success. 

Building Confidence - Percy TV will allow pupils to express their views and build their confidence whether it is discussing important issues or sharing ideas, it will thus give our pupils a voice within our school community. 

Develop Speaking & Listening Skills - TV is about speaking and listening. Whether you are presenting or just watching a show, these vital skills are not only fundamental in TV but are essential for 'real world' skills that we want our pupils at Percy Shurmer to be equipped with when they leave us. 

Improving Literacy – A little odd you may say to talk about writing skills in TV but the first time a pupil looks at the camera and then asks what they should say, they realise they need to write scripts and prepare between links. We as a school can extend this preparation for talk shows, drama or interviews and it is clear that writing plays a big role in TV and extends to meeting the National Curriculum in many ways. 

Giving Pupils A Voice and Empowerment - A school TV studio would offer a platform for our pupils to discuss the issues that matter to them in a non-confrontational format. Whether it is discussing important issues or  talking about the things they love, TV will give our pupils a voice. 

Teamwork - Planning and presenting TV program requires a great deal of teamwork. I endeavour that we will run our TV studio like a ‘real’ studio assigning roles and responsibilities for presenters, technical and studio management.

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