Percy TV - Full Shows

Many of our shows have been made in collaboration with Montgomery Primary Academy.

UNICEF Rights of the Child show (Year 3)

Learn all about your rights and why they are important.

The Commonwealth Games Show (Year 1 & EYFS)

Are you excited about the Birmingham Commonwealth Games?! Listen as Year 1 tell us about some of the key figures associated with this international sporting event.

BBC Animal Network (Year 4)

This show imagines a whole BBC channel made for and viewed by animals! Ever wondered how strange human behaviour might appear from an animal's perspective?

Ancient Egyptian Time Travel Show (Year 5)

Set 100 years in the future in an age when time travel is now impossible, a popular TV station broadcasts a number of features on the theme of the Ancient Egyptians. Includes an advert, a rap, a live time travel tour, a quiz and a documentary about the discovery of King Tut's tomb.

Year 2 Pirate Treasure Story with Monty

A-harr! Listen with awe as the Year 2s tell us a tale of danger and excitement on the seven seas.

Year 6 Leavers Show 2021 with Monty

Say goodbye to a vintage crop of Year 6ers with their special goodbye show!

EYFS & Year 1 - The Weather Show! (With Monty)

With songs, a quiz and lots lots more, the children in Year 1, Reception and Nursery at Monty and Percy help us to understand and think about all the different types of weather from all around the world.

Year 2 Brilliant Birmingham show with Monty

Children in Year 2 at Montgomery and Percy Shurmer have written, performed and illustrated this special show all about a very magical place... Birmingham!

Year 5 Ancient Egyptians VS Tudors show with Monty

Students at Monty and Percy have worked together to create this fantastic half hour show in which The Ancient Egyptians go head-to-head with The Tudors to find out who were the best!

Year 4 Blue Abyss show with Monty

Students at Monty and Percy have worked together to create this fantastic half hour show about the world's oceans featuring music, illustration, presenting and drama.

Year 3 Ancient Greek show with Monty!

The children worked so hard at writing, recording and illustrating all the features in this joint effort between the Year 3 classes at both Montgomery Primary Academy and Percy Shurmer Academy.

The Shakespeare Special

A fabulous effort from across the whole school to bring some of Shakespeare's most famous work to life!


  • A Midsummer Night's Dream

  • Romeo & Juliet

  • The Merchant Of Venice

  • Macbeth

  • As You Like It

Year 5 Taster Show

Includes interviews on the theme of Summer Holidays.

Year 4 Taster Show

Includes a school tour and an insight into green screen technology.

Year 3 Taster Show

Including a feature on favourite BSL signs and a look at one of our percussion workshops.