Language Alive

The Play House theatre in education company was established almost 30 years ago, and since then, they’ve built a reputation for delivering high quality and engaging work.

During the year, each class will work with the actors and actresses for half day. The stories are linked to the creative curriculum and Talk for Writing.

The children (and teachers) thoroughly enjoy these sessions as they enable all children to take an active role in drama whilst in a safe and secure environment. Also, the sessions enable the children to explore different characters and their feelings throughout a story.

Some comments from our children:

"I liked the chance to be different characters and use a different voice."

"The actors were really scary, I thought we were in real trouble - but then they were normal again."

"The props that they had were amazing. I liked trying weaving!"

Dates for 2017-2018

Nursery: Wednesday 9th May - Little Red Hen

Year 1: Wednesday 23rd May - Bag of Beans

Year 4: Thursday 17th May - Buried History

Year 2

On Thursday 29th September, year 2 took part in a fabulous Language Alive workshop. Children were invited into Uncle's story shop. It really got the children's story-writing brains buzzing. The children acted things out, thought of ideas, listened to music, drew pictures and most importantly, helped Uncle to save his story shop! What a brilliant day!