How to Videos

This page includes a collection of our how to videos

Meet the Team and How we Work

AET Curriculum Introduction.mp4

MFM: In a Nutshell Video

Mastery Flow Model - In a nutshell.mp4

MFM: The Research Video

Research -Associated with Mastery.mp4

MFM: The Principles Video

Mastery Flow Model - the principals.mp4

The AET Pupil

AET Pupil.mp4

Curriculum Endpoints and Sequencing

Subject Middle Leader Curriculum Offer Guidance.mp4

How to use our Curriculum Self Reflection Tool

How to use the Curriculum Self Relection Tool.webm

Inform Assessment: Introduction

Inform Assessment_Video 1: Introduction.webm

Inform Assessment: The Research

Jun 29, 2018 6:20 PM.webm

Inform Assessment: Vision and Design Principles

Inform Assessment_Video 3: Vision and Design Principles.webm

Inform Assessment: Age Related Expectations and Front Office Targets

Jun 29, 2018 6:44 PM.webm

Inform Assessment: Back Office Targets

Inform Assessment_Video 5: Back office targets.webm

Inform Assessment: Long Term Assessment and Age Related Grading

Inform Assessment_Video 8: Long Term Assessment and Age Related Grading.webm

Year 7 Baseline: How to use the question level analysis effectively

Question Level Analysis and Booster Packs.webm

Year 7 Baseline: How to use the analysis effectively

Year 7 Baseline Analysis .webm