Our Staff


Mrs C. Leasure


Mrs K. Overing 

Acting Principal and SENDCo (DSL)

Miss M. Martinez

Executive Principal

Leadership Team

Mr L. Robertson (Assistant Vice Principal, DDSL) - Year 6

Class Teachers

Mrs C. Apps - Reception

Miss L. Gale - Year 1

Miss M. Steff and Mrs H. Waller - Year 2

Mrs M. Warne - Year 3

Mrs C. O'Dell and Mrs H. Davis - Year 4

Miss A. Callaghan - Year 5

Mr L. Robertson - Year 6

Office Staff

Mrs M. Wallace - PA to Principal, Admin and Attendance Officer

Mrs  S. Brown - Admin Officer,  HR and Finance

Miss  L. Bishop - Admin Officer

Wrap Around Care

Mrs K. Sims 

PE Staff

Miss C. Aylen

Mr D. Goody

Kitchen Staff

Mrs M. Cutbush - School Chef

Mrs C. Vaughan - Assistant Chef

Site Staff

Mr M. Salway -  Site Manager

Learning Support Staff

Miss C. Hunt - Reception

Mrs S. Gibson - Year 1

Mrs  L. Price - Year 2

Mrs L. Gilham - Year 3

Mrs A. Onslow  - Year 5

Mrs W. Harris - Year 6

Miss B. Thompson - HLTA

Learning Support Staff

who support children with an EHCP and Pupil Premium

Mrs N. Chinnery, Mrs C. Stephenson, Mrs K Passfield, Miss B. Carter, Mrs L. Warner, Miss C. Turner and Miss L. Bishop

Midday Staff

Mrs. K. Passfield - Midday Assistant

Mrs. L. Warner -  Midday Assistant

Mrs. C. Stephenson -  Midday Assistant

Mrs. L. Price - Midday Assistant

Ms J. Spearman - Midday Assistant

Mrs K. Johnson - Midday Assistant

Mrs L. Desbois - Midday Assistant