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The Goals of Adam Brick Guy

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- Inspire self-confidence

- Build creativity

- Inspire imaginations

- Promote family unity

- Engage the community

- Demonstrate fun learning

Adam Brick Guy is a non-profit organization focused on getting Lego® bricks to young kids in disadvantaged situations. We organize build events and engage youth in rough communities.

Bricks might seem simple, and in fact they are. We use their simplicity to get kids engaged and having fun, exercising their minds, interacting with others, and learning through Adam Brick Guy's Build Challenges.

Adam Brick Guy loves to bring the community and kids dealing with difficult circumstances together.

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Join our cause!

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To join our Great Build Day Task Force - with the mission for kids to have fun and exercise their creativity - use the form to input your information!

Every Great Build Day is a rewarding reminder of how much kids need and welcome the attention and input of their community! Every time you volunteer, you will make the difference!

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Brick Money allows us to purchase bulk bricks at reduced prices for special-theme builds (Halloween, Christmas, etc), to purchase new sets of bricks for new build themes, and to purchase brick sets to leave with kids at certain facilities.

Lego Duplo Photo by Arto Alanenpaa / CC BY-SA 3.0