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The Goals of Adam Brick Guy

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- Inspire self-confidence

- Build creativity

- Inspire imaginations

- Promote family unity

- Engage the community

- Demonstrate fun learning

Adam Brick Guy is a non-profit organization focused on getting Lego® bricks to young kids in disadvantaged situations. We organize build events and engage youth in rough communities.

Bricks might seem simple, and in fact they are. We use their simplicity to get kids engaged and having fun, while also exercising their minds, interacting with others, and learning through ABG's Build Challenges.

Adam Brick Guy loves to get the community together with kids dealing with difficult circumstances.

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We have two types of volunteers:

1. ABG Build Event Coordinator, or

2. ABG Administrator

These roles mean you are engaged with others in order to make events happen. You can expect to be more engaged than putting cans in a cardboard box - we want volunteers that like to work together to plan the build and execute the plan, e.g. selecting or designing a build theme and challenge, setting up at the venue, and carrying out the build!

Each role is asked to meet at least once per month and spend a total of 6 hours - All dedicated to fun and helping others of course!

The Volunteer Types Defined:

ABG Build Coordinator -

Coordinating a Build Event is where it all comes together - brainstorming and planning the build, setting up at the venue, and engaging the kids. Join to tap into your passion for helping young kids! Our builds always put smiles on faces!

ABG Administrator -

This role helps keep the builds going - coordinating with the other Adminstrators to schedule future builds at our established venues and potentially reach out to new ones, keeping our digital documentation organized, and participating in the builds if you desire!

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Donate Brick Money!

Brick Money allows us to purchase bulk bricks at reduced prices for special-theme builds (Halloween, Christmas, etc), to purchase new sets of bricks for new build themes, and to purchase brick sets to leave with kids at certain facilities.

Lego Duplo Photo by Arto Alanenpaa / CC BY-SA 3.0