The Pillars of Adam Brick Guy

Adam Brick Guy is all about connecting with at-risk kids, and more importantly, about connecting kids with fun activities that are designed to build creativity and imagination. Our goal is to focus on adding fun and improving the educational content for at-risk children.

The key pillar of Adam Brick Guy is people like you! People that have a sense of community; that realize there are disadvantaged and at-risk kids out there whose lives can be changed by other people in the community.

The Founder

As the story sometimes goes, Adam had something that kept coming back to his mind, again and again: He wanted to do something fun and engaging with some very disadvantaged at-risk kids he knew. Through brainstorming and some incredible help from his friends, the Lego® Build concept for Adam Brick Guy was born.

Adam comes from simple roots and believes that kids are the key to the future, so the better we provide for our youth, the better they will provide for each other. All philosophy aside, Adam grew up in a large family and knows that interaction between kids helps kids develop. He also knows that when kids in difficult situations work through to positive outcomes, that they're far better off than if they never had the challenges. Our mission is to be part of helping these kids work through these challenges successfully.

Build Coordinators

Build Coordinators play the key role of making the builds happen! With passion to help others, a little bit of training, and participating at a few builds, these build coordinators have become real mentors and leaders.

The nature of an organization is that each person always brings their own strengths; The goal of our organization is that we bring out the strengths of each person.

Aaron Norton

Aaron has an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong desire to be part of helping the community he lives in.

James Kaufman

James is a local entrepreneur and artist. When he's not engaged in his family's business, KDDM Inc., he's drawing, doing digital design, and putting his artistic muscles to work! He's done an amazing job at Adam Brick Guy thinking up of new builds and build designs, and helping to reach out in the community.

Isioma Uzomah

Isioma is not only the leader of some awesome Lego® builds, but is also the mother of two beautiful kids. She does a fantastic job of engaging in the community she lives in and teaching her kids to be engaged as well.