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We seek to have at least one build event per month. We always hope to continue working with our existing venues and expanding to new ones as well.

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A Few Recent Events

Science Night @ Briarmeadows Charter School - February 22nd

A fantastic time for the kids at Briarmeadows - each demonstrated their abilities as they worked to crack ABG's build challenge! Kids had to build a bridge that could sustain a weight (gorilla paper weight), fit a boat under it, and span the river (blue brick plate)! Many great successes!

Santa Maria Bonita House - January 20th

An awesome time for kids and parents!! ABG set up three build stations - House Station, Car Station, and Downtown Station - where the builders rotated around to stretch their imaginations while building each type of structure. Most importantly, each builder got to place their builds in the City to form a Lego City!