Carney Library


Important Announcements:

The Carney Library is OPEN one day a week per grade:

  • Mondays --> Grade 8s

  • Tuesdays --> Grade 9s

  • Wednesdays --> Grade 10s

  • Thursdays --> Grades 11 & 12

At Lunch, please sign in at the front counter prior to entering. There is a limit of 20 at lunch time.

WIFI Printing

To print wirelessly from your personal device to the Library Printers (located in front of the library):

  1. . On each of your WIFI devices, you will need to download and install the program linked :

  2. Once you have installed the program, you should see school printers show up.

  • *Please note* Once you have selected printers, you may need to restart your device for these changes to take effect.

  1. Select the printer you wish to print to: Library BW (Black and White only) or Library Colour.

  2. Enter your username and password but do NOT select "Remember Password" as authentication may fail in your next attempts to print.

Please click on 'More Settings' and ensure that paper size is set to 'Letter'. From this dialogue you can also select double sided printing if needed.

Welcome to the Carney Library!

  • Located across from our Chapel, the Carney Library is a Christ-centered area for students to study, read, explore, or socialize.

  • The Carney Library is home to over 13,000 cataloged items, 25 computers, electronics, and games.

  • We host various programs throughout the year, so stay tuned for new opportunities!

      • Last year, we hosted Open-Mic Lunches, Smash Tournaments, Murder Mystery Adventures, Book club and much more!

  • We provide computer and login assistance, access to printers, research and bibliographic help, and book recommendations!