Schedule Change Request

Parents, please fill out this form in order to request a schedule change. Only serious inquiries will be considered. 

Absence Notification Form

Parents, please fill out this form prior to the date of your child's absence so that we are aware ahead of time and can excuse their absence. You may also use this form to excuse unexpected absences. Thank you!

Parent & Family Engagement Survey

Parents please fill out this 2022-2023 School-Level Title I Parent and Family Engagement Survey to assist our school with the implementation of a Title I Schoolwide Program by identifying the interests and needs of your family.  

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Daily Schedule

Homeroom: 7:55-8:00

Period 1: 8:00-8:57

Period 2 : 9:00-9:57

Period 3: 10:00-10:57

Period 4 : 11:00-11:57

Period 5 : 12:00-1:30

Period 6 : 1:33-2:30

Period 7: 2:33-3:30

This schedule is tentative and is subject to change if necessary.