Self Management / Attitude

What is self management / attitude?

Self management/attitude involves taking responsibility for your own behaviour and how you act towards people.

Self management shows you are able to organise yourself and offer your own ideas to any project.  You make notes, turn up on time and think ahead.  It is about being the boss of YOU, not the boss of a team or company.

Why is self management / attitude important?

Change Management

To be able to manage change and unforeseen problems.  Being able to adapt and showcase your ability to be resourceful.


To be able to focus on the positives of any situation.  To take our learnings and use these to make different or better choices in order to succeed and not be put off to try again because something did not work out as expected.

Celebrate Success

Recognise personal achievements and use these to build your confidence.

Personal Development

To be able to keep up with ever advancing technologies and continually developing our understanding, knowledge and skills.

Commitment and determination

Demonstrating that you are committed to achieving success and determined to do so to success in whatever you are working on by overcoming any obstacle which arise.


To showcase your ability to be resourceful and by being proactive to reach your goals faster.  You can inspire others to also take initiative.


To be able to build positive relationships with others and establishing yourself as a valuable team member.  To have empathy for others and their feelings.

Health and Wellbeing

To make good decisions about our lifestyle to promote our own health and wellbeing.  To help us manage and express our emotions healthily and manage stress under changing circumstances and expectations.

How can I improve my self management / attitude skills?

Do you ever catch yourself staying up late to watch one more episode of your favourite TV show, even when you know you have school the next day?  Have you ever missed a homework deadline because you pushed if off for too long?

These are all signals that you may need to work on your self management/attitude skills.

Here are some suggestions:

If you feel stressed, please speak to someone.  This could be your class teacher, guidance teacher or a member of staff in the Wellbeing Hub.  They will be able to offer advice of how to relieve the stress to improve your wellbeing.

What jobs require self management / attitude?

Every job has an element of self-management involved and it is an essential skill for any industry. 

Agriculture, Horticulture and Animal Care

Farmers will need to self-manage to care for crops and ensure they are growing properly.

Art, Media and Publishing

Workers in this sector will need to have self-management to ensure their work is completed by deadlines and completed to a high standard.

Business, Administration and Law

Workers in these industries need to use self-management to get their cases for clients done on time.

Construction and Planning

Joiners, plumbers, plasters all need to take the initiative to ensure they have all the correct tools, equipment and material for a job.

Education and Training

Child carers need to be able to adapt to caring for new children with different care needs and preferences.

Health, Public Services and Care

Nurses and care workers roles require you to look after your wellbeing in order to be fit and healthy for both the physical and mental demands of the job.

Information Technology

Self-management will be needed to code websites and make sure they are good enough to be published.

Manufacturing and Production

Workers in this industry will need to self-manage to get their productions ready/shipped on time to their customers.

Sales, Hospitality and Services

Self-management will be needed to reflect on things that sell well compared to products that don't.

Science, Engineering and Mathematics

People working in these industries use self-management to conduct experiments safely. 

Transportation and Warehousing

Self-management will be needed in order to source and deliver things on time. 

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