School Closure

Schools Information Line

Aberdeen City schools provide a telephone information service for parents/carers. This is the Schools Information Line.

Tel. 0870 054 1999

A Council message will be heard followed by a request for a six digit PIN number specific to their child’s school.


Once connected, the name of the school will be confirmed and a series of prompts will guide the caller to the appropriate action.

Emergency Arrangements

During stormy weather parents should tune into local radio for advice on attendance or collection of children at school or contact the schools information line. Parents can also access the Council website at to obtain information as to whether the school is to be closed.

In the event of a school closure due to adverse weather, a heating system failure or some other reason our procedure for contacting parents/carers is as follows: in the order that parents have indicated on their emergency contact form.

Any pupil whose parents or specified emergency contact cannot be reached will be retained in school under the supervision of staff until the end of the school day or until such time as parents or an emergency contact can be contacted.

Bus Pupils – if parents or specified emergency contact of bus children cannot be contacted they will be retained in school until the end of school time and then return home by the bus. If there is no bus running the pupils will be retained in school until arrangements to have children collected have been made.

According to Aberdeen City Council Education Policy – “Parents should not be encouraged to deliver children to school on days on which the normal means of transport is not in operation. If they do so they must be advised that it will also be necessary for them to collect their children at the end of the school day or on being contacted by the school. This is to avoid the possibility of the school being left with children and no transport to take them home”.

An extra precaution for parents of bus pupils during 'storm conditions' is that they should ensure that no child will have to walk unaccompanied from the point of leaving the school bus to his/her home.

No child will be allowed to leave school unless collected or instructed to do so by either a parent or emergency contact.

Staff, parents and emergency contacts should be fully aware of these closure procedures. This document highlights the need for the school to be kept fully up to date with contact numbers and it is therefore essential that the school be notified immediately of any changes.