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We support your choices for near real-time asset data acquisition assessments and processing. 

AAM NEWS - January 2024


MyTSF℠ program for educational, staff development, and sectoral awareness development is ongoing -- see global examples of TIRI in action over mining and natural resources sites .. we are excited to offer opportunities to educational institutions, safety training, and assurance customers. #MyTSF℠ (#MyTSF at FELT by AssetAssurance Monitoring )

SKYFI ( imagery for new sites and current acquisitions - global coverage - affordable.

Ongoing data indices development with SATSHOT ( and our new WatIRI

WILDFIRE - Pre-fire risk environment - VegEcheck and in-event FIRI indices are available for push, e-mail, or portal display.

WatIRI is now released for waterbody, wetlands, riverine, and flood area tracking. Push, email. PDF report or portal display.

NEVADA - working towards growing current TSF assessments and monitoring 100% for the 2024-2025 campaign.

SME MineXchange 2024 - Phoenix - AAM and colleagues Encardio Rite and Proqio are sponsoring the 2024 Media Contest.

SME 2024 MineXchange Media Contest 

AAM carries our Service Markon:
RiskReduction Monitoring  -  RRM℠
Tailings and Impoundments Reflectance Index  - TIRI℠
Fire Incident Reflectance Index - FIRI℠
VegEcheck - Pre-Fire Incident Reflectance Index - VegEcheck℠
TempIRI℠ - Temperature Incident Reflectance Index
WatIRI℠ - Water Incident Reflectance Index


AAM TIRI , WatIRI, FIRIServices annual subscriptions for sites, areas, and regions are available, contact:

T: 317.516.9255 (Indiana)
Mail: 10840 Troxel Drive North, No 203, Noblesville, In. 46060  
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