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Multi-Instrument - RiskReduction Monitoring Services

TIRIviews exhibiting pond area coverages at a mine site (above) a former Superfund site where Asbestos remains an airborne risk. System "zones" are spread across dried embankment, crest, and beach areas - as well as itinerant decant ponds and intermediate areas. Exposed and weathered beach, effluent settling, and discharge areas are all potential surficial, hydro, and airborne pollutant sources.

We carry our Service Mark on RiskReduction Monitoring (RRM) RRM℠ and TIRI℠

6/11/2022 - Fishers, Indiana - AAM and Satshot are aligning to provide the expertise and experience to support wide-area satellite monitoring with terrestrial instrumentation. We offer exciting comprehensive temporal and results-oriented data configurations across a variety of mining, infrastructure, gohazard, and natural resources sector environments.

TIRI℠ our Tailings and Impoundments Reflectance Index Service is unique, and a powerful way to visualize and track supernatant pond area and the dispersion of tailings in solution across the asset.

Utilizing both passive and active sensors we monitor your
assets and offer you a serial visualization, import/export,
SAR data alignment, and time series results fro
m each asset being monitored, Complete site assets are available in one view. Multiple targets across site assessments and monitoring engagements are possible at reduced cost.

Be a part of real ESG, Safety, and Sustainability practices. Instill transparency and pride in your monitoring efforts. Share with local community and stakeholders who appreciate easy to visualize and understand information.

AAM TIRI Services annual subscriptions for sites, areas, and regions are available, contact:

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