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Multi-Instrument - RiskReduction Monitoring Services

Our Tailings and Impoundments Reflectance Index - TIRIviews (above) easy access to create Area of Interest, satellite choice, and temporal acquisitions. We support your choices for near real-time asset data acquisition assessments and processing. Outputs (exports) to a variety of App and GIS friendly programs and environments. Auto-generated and Curated data exhibits and reports are available. Together we determine your Tailings and Impoundments System "zones" that are spread across embankment, crest, beach and supernatant pond areas. Top of cover, decant pond, operational beach, and dispersed solids areas are detailed. With environmental and "ESG" considerations in mind -- weathered beach, effluent settling, and discharge areas may all be potential surficial, hydro, and airborne pollutant sources.

AAM carries our Service Mark(℠) on RiskReduction Monitoring - RRM℠, Tailings and Impoundments Reflectance Index - TIRI℠, and Fire Incident Reflectance Index - FIRI℠.

9/26/2022 - We offer exciting comprehensive temporal and results-oriented data configurations across a variety of mining, infrastructure, geohazard, and natural resources sector environments.

Our TIRIService continues to gain interest and users, and we appreciate the consideration, support, and business. Ongoing and developing partnerships with Satshot, Bintel, Guideline Geo, Windhorse Advisors, and others is exciting and fosters ongoing client development.

FIRI℠ our Fire Incident Reflectance Index Service is a unique and powerful way to visualize and track wildfire or prescribed burn areas. Offering real areal data on limits, and inter-burn differential results -- not just a polygon around the damage. See incident highlights, ignition, post event regrowth, and serial changes in the affected environment.

Utilizing both passive and active sensors we are offering an interactive awareness, incident, and proactive platform for natural resources management. A selection of sensor data offers you serial visualization, import/export, SAR/InSAR data alignment, and time series results. Scenario and theater-scale views will soon be available Local, wide-area, and regional targets are accessible and available to residents, firms, responders, and governmental staff.

Be a part of real ESG, Safety, and Sustainability practices. Instill transparency and pride in your monitoring efforts. Share with local community and stakeholders who appreciate easy to visualize and understand information.

AAM TIRI and FIRIServices annual subscriptions for sites, areas, and regions are available, contact:

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