AssetAssurance Monitoring

Terrestrial and Satellite - RiskReduction Monitoringâ„  Services

A new L and S band mission will offer data users and researchers exciting coverage over all of North America. With the opportunity to acquire reflections through forests and vegetation .
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AMM provides the expertise and experience to align wide-area satellite monitoring with terrestrial instrumentation and offer exciting comprehensive temporal and results-oriented
data configurations across a variety of infrastructure
and resources sectors.

Terrestrial InSAR or "GbSAR" offers acquisitions and data processing in minutes - suitable for site operations slope awareness, safety assessments, and stability reporting. Available monthly, or for long-term deployments

#Geohazards, geotechnical assets, known landslide zones, infrastructure and mixed environment areas can be monitored in near real-time, as part of long-term corridor assessment,
and within asset management programs.
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