Ground Based InSAR

RiskReduction Monitoring

Geohazard, geotechnical asset, and active slope monitoring radar units offer continuous surface displacement measurements.

  • The IBIS-FM type unit offers differential scan times under two minutes. We use this unit for supporting at-risk areas and infrastructure.

  • We have defined RiskReduction Monitoring℠ as the platform for applying the data results and integrating the assessment and analysis into a operational support and decision-making solution.

  • RRM early warning alerts create awareness of changing conditions.

  • RRM program actions prioritize the safety of:

    • Personnel

    • Property (at-risk equipment/structures)

    • Production (prevention of production stoppage)

We consider environmental conditions and sustainable deployments by featuring Green Power systems and off grid solutions.

Instrument details:

Scanning range 30m to 4,500m.

Accuracy: 0.1 mm between scans

Resolution: 0.75 m x 4.4 m @ 1 km

Scan time: 2 minutes

Top: IBIS-FM - field table deployment in an open-pit mine, offering operational and geotechnical engineering support.

Bottom: Guardian Analysis software with data from IBIS-ROVER exhibiting stable and active displacements across the mined and operational areas.