The ISSG Search Filter Resource

The InterTASC Information Specialists' Sub-Group Search Filter Resource is a collaborative venture to identify, assess and test search filters designed to retrieve research by study design or focus. The Search Filters Resource aims to provide easy access to published and unpublished search filters.

This resource is produced by members of the InterTASC Information Specialists' Sub-Group (ISSG). ISSG is the group of information professionals supporting research groups within England and Scotland providing technology assessments to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) and other associated Information Specialists.

The Search Filters Resource also provides information and guidance on how to critically appraise search filters, study design filters in progress and information on the development and use of search filters. Inclusion of a search filter is not an endorsement of its validity or a recommendation.

Editorial team: Julie Glanville (, Carol Lefebvre (Lefebvre Associates Ltd), Paul Manson (Aberdeen University), Sophie Robinson (Exeter University) and Naomi Shaw (Exeter University).

The current editorial team would like to acknowledge the contribution of Kath Wright (Centre for Reviews and Dissemination) who was lead editor of this Resource for many years and left the project in Dec 2020.

Weekly update searches are undertaken to identify search filters for the Resource.

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New filters were added 30 June 2022 - latest systematic scan for new filters 14 June 2022

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