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Buy-A-Brick Nicholas Barker Cabin Rebuild Fundraiser

NOTE: Make sure to check out our WWHS Facebook page for up to date information on the progress of the Log Cabin rebuild! https://www.facebook.com/WestfieldHistory

"Excitement is in the air" is an understatement. We, the Westfield Washington Historical Society have received approval from the City Council and the City to reconstruct our 1835 Nicholas Barker log cabin in the vacant lot beside City Hall. We have chosen a reconstruction company and plans are underway. Hopefully, construction will begin in the May timeframe.

This cabin was built by Nicholas Barker about 1835. He was a member of the Quaker Meeting of Friends and we are convinced he was involved in the Underground Railroad. This 22' x 20' cabin has some extra special hand planed wooden beams that are more finely crafted than most cabins of the day. It is a one room cabin with a huge 10' fireplace. Some of the native to the area hand hued logs are 23 to 25 inches tall.

Now, see why we are so excited! We are offering families and businesses in our community and connected to our community the opportunity to be a part of this cabin by purchasing a Nicholas Barker Log Cabin Walkway Brick. These bricks come in two sizes, a 4" x 8" for $100 or an 8" x 8" for $200. These bricks will be the sidewalk going to and coming from the cabin. Please consider memorializing your family or business by purchasing one (or more!) of these bricks.

You can donate to our fundraiser and as thank you your name, a relative or business name will be put on a 4x8 or 8x8 brick that will be part of the sidewalk of the reconstructed historic cabin!

Here the item in our online store - or click one of the pictures below!

First pay there, and then fill out the Order Form (listed in the store) with the details of the name/business or business logo you want to put on the brick(s)!

OR you can print out the form in this link (or below) and fill out manually and send it in with a check!!!

You can also donate additional amounts and become a sponsor of our efforts in general or individual items/work we need done to make this dream come true! Please contact our President Diana Peyton and talk to her about it! dpeyton@wwhs.us or call her at 317.710.7919


Update on the Barker Log Cabin Reconstruction!

NOTE: The construction has begun! You can still purchase bricks for the area around the cabin! See above!

It’s been a productive week at the Historical Society. The 1835 Nicholas And Fanny Barker cabin is taking shape. We are so excited. Drive by 136 Penn Street and take a look. Our Cabin Master and team started working in earnest last Monday and this is the amazing progress they already made! (I shot this video with a new to me DJI gimbal, sorry the video is a big jerky, but thought it would still be nice to look at!)

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