Westfield Washington Historical Society & Museum

THE CABIN IS OPEN! Grand Opening was June 3rd 2023!

NOTE: Make sure to check out our WWHS Facebook page for up to date information on the progress of the Log Cabin rebuild! https://www.facebook.com/WestfieldHistory

You can also ask question about the cabin and to donate additional amounts and become a sponsor of our efforts in general or individual items/work we need done to make this dream come true! Please contact our President Jeff Beals jbeals@wwhs.us or Cabin Grandmaster Diana Peyton and talk to them about it! dpeyton@wwhs.us or call her at 317.710.7919

Mission Statement

Historical Societies and history spark our imagination and help us to learn to respect and preserve our past. The Westfield-Washington Historical Society is dedicated to this effort through

-promoting community and statewide awareness of history, especially our history and our programs

-encouraging historic preservation and awareness through public education programs, cooperatives with businesses, individuals and museums

Services through the Westfield Washington Historical Society include monthly meetings, public and charitable education programs and other public events designed to encourage and celebrate our local history.

Westfield Washington Historical Museum Mission Statement:

The mission of the Westfield Washington Historical Museum is:

· To promote Westfield Washington Township through the creation and maintenance of a museum and associated projects;

· To preserve the history of Westfield Washington Township for current & future generations;

· To increase local and national awareness to Westfield Washington Township history. More > >