Where do I log-in to Aspen?

Open your web page browser and type the url address: https://ma-winchester.myfollett.com

Here, you will enter your username and password.

Where do I get my username and password?

McCall and Winchester High School parents/guardians and students received their username and password in an email from no_reply_aspen@winchesterps.org.

What if I don’t have my login information?

Aspen is telling me my account is disabled or expired. What do I do?

To protect your account from someone attempting access by trying random passwords, when the wrong password is entered 5 times, your account will be disabled. Should you get locked out, you can unlock the account by successfully completing the “Forgot my password” wizard on the main login page.

Checkout more information at:

How to reset your password in Aspen's Student or Family Portals 

Where can I find information on using the portal?

Help is available throughout Aspen.  If you have a question about how to do something, click the Help dropdown (see image right) to find help options.

  • Online Help - search or click on a topic
  • User Guide - easily printable

  • Step-by-step Quick Reference Cards

  • How-to Videos

Who can access Aspen?

Aspen is a secure, web-based school information management system produced by X2 Development Corporation, a subsidiary of Follett Software Company, for schools and school districts. The system mana

ges all facets of student data – from attendance to conduct, grades and schedules

Parents and Students in grades 6-12 have separate portal accounts. Parents may view address and contact information, attendance, progress reports and report cards.

Students in grades 6-12 can use Aspen to view address and contact information, their attendance, progress reports, and report cards. Students in grades 6-11 will also use Aspen to enter their course selections for the upcoming school year.

What can I do with an Aspen Parent/Student Portal?

With an Aspen Parent Portal, you can

  • Access Student Grades
    You can also see your student’s current grade average for each class.

  • Receive Student Performance Notifications
    Receive automatic notifications when any attendance entries are posted to your student’s account. Create a grade threshold to be notified when your student receives a grade on an assignment, test, or quiz below the threshold you set

  • View Demographic details about your student This information includes contact lists (e.g. contact phone numbers and email addresses), student attendance, transcripts, schedule (including teacher names).