Music Theory

Music Theory

Course Expectations and Syllabus

Course Goals: At the end of the year students will be able to:

    • Understand and identify the basics of musical notation and harmonies
    • Arrange any style of music for any combination of instruments
    • Transcribe music played onto the paper at a moderate level
    • Be able to read and play piano at a beginner/intermediate level

Expectations: Each student will need their Music Theory binder (1'') with them for each class. Sections of this binder will be: 1. Notes/staff paper, 2. Handouts, 3. Piano music, 4. Projects.

    • Copied staff paper will be supplied for you. Some students wish to buy a book of staff paper. This is optional


    • Classwork 30%
    • Homework 30%
    • Piano 15%
    • Quizzes 15%
    • Projects 10%

Ear Training Interval Songs

2nds and 3rds Interval Ear Training

4ths and 5ths ear training

6ths and 7ths and 8th ear training

Perfect/Major Intervals Ear Training

Tritone and less Interval Ear Training

Tritone and Greater Interval Ear Training