Honors Band - Honors Jazz Band

Honors Jazz Band

2019 Honors Jazz Band - April 4-5 - South Portland High School

Conductor -Dr. Nate Jorgensen - University of New Hampshire

All submission to be recorded via i movie (or similar video app) and posted to You Tube in a private setting. - Link to be sent to smithk@westbrookschools.org prior to midnight on January 25, 2019

Honors Concert Band

Congratulations to all students who auditioned!

You can find the Honors Band Roster Here

2019 Concert Band Conductor -Dr. Philip Edelman- University of Maine


Liberty Bell - Sousa,ed. Brion and Schissel

Song of Loudest Praise - Andrew Boysen Jr.

El Camino Real - Alfred Reed

2018-2019 Honors Band Requirements (please be sure to read the requirements!)

Audition Procedures:

1. 2 Major Scales and the two octave chromatic scale as written on the supplied scale sheet here. (selected by judge) Does not need to be memorized. *All students will play scales, including percussionists concentrating on snare or timpani.

2. Polovtsian Dances - Antonin Borodin (Percussionists choose snare, xylophone or timpani part.) - ALL PARTS CAN BE FOUND HERE

*Flute players auditioning for piccolo will also learn this piece on piccolo.

3. Percussion only - Perform Multiple Percussion Etude #7 (Tanner Book.)

4. Sight reading - Selected by the judge, the sight reading will be no longer than 16 measures, in simple meter, including rhythms up to 16th notes. Sight reading key signatures may vary. All students will sightread.