Grade 3 Math

Math is everywhere, even in books.  Discover a great math book. There are many great books that have math in them.  This list will provide you with some great recommendations to get you started!

Fun Card and Board Games

             Perfect Timing Game                 Kanoodle              Shut the Box             Sequence Numbers

Puzzles, Problems, and Brain Teasers

KenKen Puzzles Try the mixed operations puzzles (4x4 and 5x5) kids love them! 

Math Puzzles Printable puzzles from MathSphere (a UK website)

Brain Teasers lots of variety can be printed out!

Number Puzzles great for practicing mental math   

Logic Puzzles Try the number/shape puzzles 

  • Parent Roadmaps
    • The Parent Roadmap provides a guide for supporting your child in mathematics.  You will find the following in this roadmap:
    • An outline of the mathematics emphasized at grade three
    • Examples of skills and strategies students will develop at grade three
    • Examples of specific math problems students may be asked to solve
    • Suggestions for helping your child learn and practice mathematics outside of school in relevant and meaningful ways