Grade 1 Math

    • Math is everywhere, even in books.  Discover a great math book. There are many great books that have math in them.  This list will provide you with some great recommendations to get you started!

                    Fun Games for Grades K-2:

                  Rat-a-Tat-Cat                    Too Many Monkeys 

        Slamwich                 Tiny Polka Dot        Race to The Treasure

Puzzles, Problems, and Brain Teasers

KenKen Puzzles – Try the 3 x 3 and 4 x 4 addition/subtraction puzzles – kids love them! 

Sudoku Puzzles – If you like logic puzzles, try the 4 x 4 Sudokus

More puzzles HERE – especially for kindergarten level

Aunty Math – Eleven great math challenges with tips for kids and parents 

Brain Teasers – From EduPlace – great fun, lots of variety!

  1. Want some great “quick” activities to do online? Check out this K-2 Interactives Website

  • Parent Roadmaps
    • The Parent Roadmap provides a guide for supporting your child in mathematics.  You will find the following in this roadmap:
    • An outline of the mathematics emphasized at grade one
    • Examples of skills and strategies students will develop at grade one
    • Examples of specific math problems students may be asked to solve
    • Suggestions for helping your child learn and practice mathematics outside of school in relevant and meaningful ways