Advisory "A148"

Welcome Back Advisory! 2013-1014
*See you tomorrow in the Band Room right after the morning assembly:)
Thanks, Mr.O.

WHS Advisory Service Project Day
April 10, 2013

Today We:
*Created Garden designs for WHS
*Donated and made over 300 sandwiches for the Salvation Army Miracle Kitchen
*Explored and devised an Environmental Improvement Action Plan for WHS
*Had fun, cultivated a sense of service and pride, and made a difference




WHS On-Campus Action Plan

Improving Environmental Concerns

Advisory A148

1.    Weekly trash pick-up by students

2.    Milk cartons rather than plastic bottles

3.    Online textbooks

4.    Submitting papers digitally only

5.    Electric hand dryers instead of paper towel dispensers

6.    Reusable lunch trays and plates rather than paper plates

7.    Online worksheets

8.    Solar panels

9.    Posters to remind people to be green

10.Tally trash pick-up & have competition


WHS Garden Designs: