Courses Mr. Oneschuk Teaches

7587 SONGWRITING (Formerly Lyrics, Licks & Layin’ Down Tracks) Open to grades 9-12. Semester

Have you ever wondered how the lyrics of an unknown poet/musician that were scribbled down on a napkin in a coffee shop became one of America‘s greatest anthems? In this course we will study the poetic and musical components of some of the greatest songs ever written. Students will discover and analyze the form, texture, and expressive qualities of songs written by various singer/songwriters including: The Beatles, Eminem, Bob Dylan, U2, Aretha Franklin, and The Eagles to name a few. Types of songs studied will include folk songs, R& B, rock anthems, political songs, love songs, and rap. Students and teachers will create a class poem and song to culminate the class. No musical experience is needed! The course will also feature visiting guest artists and a field trip to experience live music! The class will meet four times out of an eight-day cycle for half a year.

7569 THE HISTORY OF JAZZ, ROCK, AND RAP Open to grades 9-12 – Semester

Guitar Heroes! Defiant Drum Duels! Radical Rappers! This semester elective will explore the cultural, social, and political shaping of America's most original and popular art forms: Rock, Rap, & Jazz. Students will discover the progression and rise to fame of the all-time greatest rockers, rappers, jazzers, and blues artists via research projects, in- class discussion, multimedia units, guest speakers, and a field trip. Students will make connections to other academic areas such as literature and visual art.

7568 MUSIC THEORY Open to grades 9-12 – Semester

Students will explore the world of music theory, harmony, composition, and ear training. Students will also experience our new state-of-the-art music lab by using digital keyboards and various music software programs for composition and sequencing projects. Student projects will include jingle writing, a Blues composition, and a movie soundtrack project. Basic keyboarding skills will be reviewed in this course.


Prerequisite: Music theory or teacher recommendation Open to grades 10-12 – Full Year

AP Music Theory is a rigorous college level course designed for highly motivated students who wish to discover more in- depth concepts of music theory and ear training. The course will prepare students to take the College Board AP Music Theory exam. Students will master musical concepts such as: musical analysis, form, harmony, melody, rhythm, texture, composition, dictation, sight-singing, and keyboarding skills. Students will explore the capabilities of our new state-of- the-art music lab and the latest music technology. A combination of books, workbooks, keyboards, and music software programs will be utilized in covering the various musical concepts in the class. Students must take the AP exam and pay the required fee. Scholarships are available through guidance for students for whom the fee poses a financial hardship.

7561 CONCERT BAND Open to grades 9-12 – Full Year

The Wayland High School Band is open to all wind, brass, and percussion players. This performing ensemble will allow students to explore musical concepts such as rhythm, sound production, interpretation, and reading musical notation as outlined in The National Standards for Arts Education. Students will have the opportunity to discover the relationships between music and other disciplines outside the arts via the performance of music from different cultures and historical time periods. Members are required to attend all public performances, concerts, parades, and festivals. Concert Band members also belong to the Warrior Pep Band that performs at all the home varsity football games, Thanksgiving Day game and playoff games.

7571 HONORS WIND ENSEMBLE Prerequisite: Audition
Open to grades 9-12 – Full Year

Honors Wind Ensemble provides more advanced and independent band students the opportunity to perform more challenging music in a smaller, select group setting. All performance opportunities and expectations as outlined in the Concert Band apply. Wind Ensemble members will analyze music and different compositional devices, take part in regular self-assessment, and gain an extensive knowledge of musical vocabulary. Students are also urged to seek private instruction.

7572 HONORS JAZZ ENSEMBLE Prerequisite: Audition, band/orchestra member Open to grades 9-12 – Full Year

Jazz Ensemble provides the opportunity for more advanced and independent instrumentalists to perform in a traditional big band ensemble. In-depth study of jazz improvisation and history will be facilitated via the performance of high caliber musical literature from different cultures and time periods. Woodwind, brass, string bass, and percussionists must be enrolled in the Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, or Orchestra program in order to participate. Members are required to attend all public performances, concerts, festivals, and rehearsals.

7573 JAZZ PROJECT Open to grades 9-12 – Full Year

This non-traditional performance ensemble is open to all instrumental and vocal students wishing to learn to play jazz and popular music. Students will explore the different forms, theory, and styles of jazz music. There will be a special focus on improvisation, listening, and composition. Woodwind, brass, and percussionists must be enrolled in the Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, or Orchestra program in order to participate. Members are required to attend all public performances, concerts, festivals, and rehearsals.

7525 MUSIC PRODUCTION STUDIO 1 Open to grades 9-12 – Semester

Have you ever wondered what goes in to recording and producing a full album? Well, here is your chance to experience and learn the inner workings of a music studio and creating an album start to finish. Students will receive an introduction to becoming a Music Producer, Recording Engineer, Music Promoter, DJ, and Performer! In a new state-of-the-art music lab, students will learn how to use Korg Krome Keyboards, Electronic Hybrid Instruments, and various music editing and sequencing programs. This class will also teach students how to promote concerts and rising artists using social media and interactive websites. Students will also make real world connections with local artists and industry leaders via Masterclasses, Skype, and Field Trips.


Prerequisite: Music Production Studio 1 or instructor permission Open to grades 9-12 – Semester

Music Production Studio 2 is open to students with previous musical experience and/or permission of the instructor. Students will use the new state of the art music lab and hyrbrid instruments to design, create, mix and produce complete albums. Final projects will consist of a complete album and will include strategies for marketing an album using the latest resources available, as well as learning how to sell original material on iTunes.