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Winter Week Jazz Performances!!

Wednesday 1/31

C Day - Winter Week Performance during Block 3 

*Wear all black

*Bring All Music

*Ask to leave your block 2 class 10 minutes early to get set-up

*If you have a free that morning come by and help set-up.

Thursday - 2/1 - Jazz Night @ WMS - 7:30pm

*Report to WMS chorus room at 7pm sharp

*Usual Jazz Dress

*Bring All Music


*New!  Monday February 12th @7pm - WHS Honors Wind Ensemble hosting "8th Grade Band Step-Over Night" @WHS Band Room


WHS Band & Jazz Winter Concert:


Junior District Festival Info!!

Dear Wayland Grade 7-9 Band, Orchestra, and Chorus members and families,

It is time to register for Junior District Auditions!  Permission slip and UniPay information/payment are due no later than January 12, 2024.

What is Jr. Districts?  It is a festival that student musicians audition to get into.  They prepare a solo piece, scales, and sightread for an adjudicator on a Saturday afternoon.  If they score high enough they are accepted into the festival and get to play in an honor band, jazz band, orchestra or chorus with the best players in our district.  We are in the Eastern District which is comprised of about 26 neighboring towns.

To audition for the 2024 Eastern District Junior Festival, please complete the attached permission slip (return it to your school ensemble director) and complete the UniPay payment link.  It includes the link to enroll in the Junior District Auditions Google Classroom.

Auditions are on January 27, 2024, at Bedford High School.  The festival will be March 8-9, 2024 (snow date of March 10) at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School.

To complete payment:

Click on

Pull down to Wayland Public Schools Music Fee and Trip 


Pull down to Junior District Audition Fee

Complete the online form and payment.

To ensure that you have the correct ORIGINAL music and edition, visit the MMEA Eastern District website at:

If you have any questions, please let me know.  This is a challenging and exciting opportunity to participate with the finest musicians in our Eastern MA District!  Please consider taking advantage of this opportunity.

*Eastern Junior District Audition List & Info:


"Lift Every Voice & Sing" - WHS Honors Jazz Ensemble - Studio Recording:

*Jazz Night Concert - Waycam Recording Link:


Check-out our Past Band Concerts Video and other Treats!

WHS Band & Jazz Spring Concert 2022

WHS Honors Jazz @ Wayland Music Festival 2022

WHS Band & Jazz 2021 Winter Band Concert

WHS Band & Jazz 2020 Holiday Album

WHS Cameo from Saxophonist Gerald Albright


Private Lesson Program!!

Private lessons make a huge difference in help making students much stronger and happier players.  Please take advantage of this program!

Please Click on the link below to sign-up.

See the attached document below for a list of the teachers and why this program is so important!  You click on this link as well:

For further questions please contact:


Fun courses to take at WHS!  PSA Video!!


Wayland is named a 2021 Recipient of the NAMM 

"Best Communities for Music Education"


Band Fest 2021 

*Featuring All Wayland Band & Jazz Ensembles!

Tuesday March 30th - 7pm

Live Stream Link:

*Feel free to share this link with friends and family :)


WHS Band & Jazz Holiday Album - 2020

Fine Arts Awards List 2020


Virtual Pomp & Circumstance 

performed by the

WHS 2020 Band Seniors!

WHS Band Seniors:

Josh Brient - Clarinet

Lilly Brooks - Trumpet

Alex Howard - Trumpet

Aidan Keenan - Trumpet

McKenna Kelemanik - Tuba

Jaya Mills - Clarinet

Cecelia Murphy - Oboe

Aviva Pansovoy - Flute

Mike Russo - Percussion

Jake Simmons - Bass Clarinet


Some Great News!!

The Wayland High School Music Department has been awarded the Namm Foundation 2020 Best Communities in Music Education Award!

Assignment #1 due (3/23/20)

*Recording for elderly - please submit asap if incomplete

*Registering for Google Classroom and Smartmusic - please do so asap if incomplete


Assignment #2 due (3/25/20) Wednesday by 8pm

Clean Your Instrument and Mouthpiece & send me proof by taking a picture of you cleaning your instrument.


*Clean your mouthpiece with soap, hot water, and a small brush then rinse clean.

*Woodwinds - swab your instrument, wipe off any visible grime around keys, tighten any screws if loose.

*Brass - disassemble your instrument and let it sit in sink or tub for 15 minutes with warm water and soap (Trumpets don't get your valves pads wet), brush out tubes, rinse with clean water, reassemble and lubricate slides with vaseline and oil valves/slides with valve/slide oil.

*Percussion wipe down your sticks and mallets with a light disinfectant (lysol) and then wipe them with a clean damp rag and let dry.

*Check-out youtube videos for instrument specific cleaning demos.

Assignment #3 - Smartmusic Recordings Due (3/26/20) Thursday -All Recordings must be done in Smartmusic!

Concert Band - Measures 1-49 of "Sparks"

Honors Wind Ensemble - Entire Mvt.II The Sultan of Morocco from "Paintings"

Honors Jazz Ensemble - All of "Burritos To Go"

Assignment #4 - Smartmusic Recordings Due (4/3/20) Friday -All Recordings must be done in Smartmusic!

Concert Band - Measures 50 to the end of "Sparks"

Honors Wind Ensemble - Entire Mvt.IV - Catherine The Great from "Paintings"

Honors Jazz Ensemble - All of "Maiden Voyage"

Assignment #5 - Youtube Clip Review Due by Thursday April 8th

Check Google Classroom for details.



Concert Band: f2l5e4s

Honors Wind Ensemble: noeyhzg

Honors Jazz Ensemble: maf7rku

AP Music Theory: 75k77ne


Open a Chrome browser and visit:

Concert Band: DG63H-AY7CW

Honors Wind Ensemble: CFKDN-4QMDE

Honors Jazz Ensemble: TJMXW-X7JXE

AP Music Theory: VQEJV-233U3


WHS Honors Wind & Jazz Ensembles Audition Info:

Recordings due by Wednesday March 4th @5pm


Current Recordings:

Honors Wind Ensemble

Paintings (all five movements) - William Owens:

The Lion King - Arr. John Higgins:

Concert Band

Sparks - Brian Balmages:

The Lion King - Arr. John Higgins:

Honors Jazz Horns and Rhythm Section

*Take Attendance

*All pieces are out of the Jim Snidero "Jazz Conceptions Books (extra photocopies on my desk)

*Play jazz play-alongs in class and have students play the melody and take turns improvising.

Groove Blues: 

Recorded Solo:

Play-Along Track:

Father Song

Recorded Solo:

Play Along Track (With Intro):


Recorded Solo:

Play-Along Track:


Fall Jazz Night!

Video Clip - Feeling Good with Bec Patsenker Vocals


Band Fest Video Link: 


WHS Music Department is named:

NAMM Foundation 2019 Best Communities for Music Education!!


Link to WHS Band Performance at the 2017 Graduation - The Music of Hamilton!


Past Events

Lucy's Love Bus Fundraiser

Alastair moock

Band Fest Picture

*Renowned Rock Drummer and Wayland resident, Scott Crago, spoke to students during winter week about his experience in the music industry and playing with the legendary rock band the "Eagles".   Mr. Crago is a "DW" and "Vic Firth" sponsored artist.

Nathan Childers Masterclass Pictures:  We had an amazing day with NYC Jazz Artist Nathan Childers.  He coached and played with our Honors Wind Ensemble, Concert Band, Honors Jazz Ensemble, Songwriting Class, and even a jazz cellist. Mr. Childers is an endorsed artist by the Rico and Yamaha corporations.   Topics included: Warm-ups and long tones, breathing, phrasing, improvisation, reed and instrument care, and life in the music industry.  Mr Childers stated,"I am so impressed with your new school - what an incredible environment to learn in". He was also very impressed with the playing level in our music program and its many course offerings.  We hope to have him back again soon.  He is a true artist that instills his love and passion of music with all groups that he works with.  If you are ever in NYC, stop by the famous jazz club "Birdland" to see if he is playing that night. This masterclass day was made possible with a grant from CAPA and the Yamaha Corporation.  Thank You!!

You can follow Mr. Childers on his website at