Youth Football is a game operated for the benefit of the kids who play it.  The adults come second, adapting to the realities of the kids rather than requiring the kids to cope with the peculiarities of the adults.  It is always kept in mind, Monterey Bay Youth Football League (MBYFL) will be one experience today's generation will want its own children to repeat.  
(Starting 2019 Season)

Mighty Mites
4-6 yr old
    No weight minimum or maximum

Jr Peewee
6-8 yr old (as of 8/1/19)
    No minimum weight - Max weight 100 lbs
9 year old (as of 8/1/19)
    No minimum weight - Max weight 72 lbs

9-11 yr old (as of 8/1/19)
    No minimum weight - Max weight 135 lbs
12 year old (as of 8/1/19)
    No minimum weight - Max weight 92 lbs

11-13 yr old (as of 8/1/19)
    No minimum weight - Max weight 180 lbs
    Over 180lbs - X-MAN player
14 yr old (as of 8/1/19)
    No minimum weight - Max weight 150 lbs
    Over 150lbs - X-MAN player
    No players attending high school

What is X-MAN?
The X-MAN element applies only to the Midget level of play only for players over 180 lbs (ages 11-13) or over 150lbs (age 14) at the time of certification.  Once a player has been designated as an X-MAN player at any time during the season, that player will remain designated as an X-MAN for the remainder of the season.

X-MAN players may participate during Jamboree, regular season games or play-offs with the following restrictions:

  1. X-MAN players may only participate as a down lineman within the offensive tackle box as an Offensive Player (Center, Guard, Tackle) or Defensive player within the offensive tackle box (Nose Tackle or Defensive Tackle) on plays that originate with a center snap.
  2. X-MAN players must start each play from scrimmage in a three-point or four-point stance.  X-MEN must not intentionally start any play from a standing position or from a two point stance.
  3. X-MAN players may NOT play on Kick-off or Kick return plays.
  4. X-MAN players may NOT play at any time during the 5th Quarter.
  5. X-MAN players may NOT carry or advance the ball at any time.  If an X-MAN recovers a fumble or intercepts a pass during the course of a play, the play will be whistled as a dead ball immediately by the officials and the recovering or intercepting team will retain or assume possession of the ball.
Updated 2/15/19

Any child from ages 4-14 can join the Jr Wildcatz! Depending on their age and weight, they would be placed on the proper football squad.  Below is the breakdown of the squads the Watsonville Jr Wildcatz offer.

Mighty Mites
Ages 4-6

Jr Peewees
Ages 6-8, some 9 yr old
Ages 9-11, some 12 yr old

Ages 11-14

All players will also need a Doctor's clearance allowing they to play contact football.  A form will be available for every player at sign-ups.


Watsonville Jr Wildcatz have your child's health and safety in mind.  Below, follow the link with great information for you about Health and Player Safety!