Parent Information


Math 7 students can expect:

  • Collaboration (working in a group) almost every day.

  • Accountability for their contribution to group activities.

  • Frequent presentations that require them to explain their thinking.

  • Repeated opportunities to demonstrate that they have mastered a concept.

  • Problems that they have not been taught how to solve.

  • Mistakes, a lot of them! This is how we learn.

Our Curriculum

We will be using many different resources including CPM Core Connections 2 to guide our learning this year. The emphasis is on building a deeper conceptual understanding of mathematical concepts and practices. Students will struggle. It is an important part of the learning process. They will have the opportunity to figure the concepts out for themselves. This process, including the struggle, will enable them truly understand the curriculum, and will also develop "life-skills" that will help to prepare them for their futures.


Students receive a homework book at the beginning of the year. The general expectation is about one page per week. At the end of each quarter they may submit the booklet for credit. The purpose is to allow extra practice, so answers along with the solution process will be available online. Completing the work can help students grades, but not completing it will not harm it. Occasionally, students may need to complete classwork at home.

The best way to communicate is through email. However, if you wish to have a face-to-face meeting, fill out the Parent Conference Form.


Design Lab classes should build students' understanding of Design Thinking, foster their creativity, and build their skills in a variety of areas. Student are encouraged to take risks, try new things, and challenge themselves. Standard grading is, therefore, inappropriate. Student grades will be based on effort, enthusiasm, and self-reflection. No student will receive less than a "C."