Math 8

Students Guide the Learning in Room 302. 
When Students have the opportunity to make their own connections, they begin to develop a deeper understanding of how their world works.  Math 8 is focused on the concept of change.  Throughout the year, we will be learning how to notice, analyze, predict and describe changes in the world.

For Information about projects and homework, as well as resources to help you be successful in Math 8, visit the

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We will be using CPM (College Preparatory Mathematics) as one of many resources to guide our learning. You will have access to course materials through textbooks, the internet, and handouts. The emphasis is on building a deeper conceptual understanding of mathematical concepts and practices.

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Google Classroom Codes
Green P.1 - pcgckc
Orange P.2 - klw4aq
Blue P.3 - d33wclx
Yellow P.4 - 5d6his4
Red P.8 - ue52k3