Welcome to the homepage of the AMS Student Chapter at the University of Minnesota! We are a student organization at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, with the mission of promoting mathematics. In order to accomplish this goal, we run a variety of events for students of mathematics, among them a weekly tea, a seminar series, and sporadic social events throughout the year. We are generously supported by the American Mathematical Society (AMS). Please explore our website to learn about our upcoming events.

The current Executive Board consists of six graduate students:

  • Claire Frechette, president.

  • Breanna Shi, vice president

  • Liam Keenan, treasurer.

  • John M. O'Brien, treasurer's apprentice

  • Olivia Cannon, secretary.

  • Lilly Webster, webmaster; purveyor of memes.

If you have any questions about our student organization or about events we are organizing, please do not hesitate to contact us at amsmath@umn.edu. Our facebook page will be updated with information on events and you can follow our Instagram and Twitter.