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Vincent Young

Nickname: Binny

Birthplace: Buffalo, NY

Undergraduate Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Graduate School: Stanford University

Postdoctoral Training: MGH/MIT

About Me: Having been at MIT not just once, but twice, Vince is an incurable geek. An MD/PhD at Stanford, he worked on his thesis under the joint mentorship of Gary Schoolnik and Stan Falkow. After completing clinical training in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases at the Massachusetts General Hospital Vince did a postdoc under David Schauer. His first faculty appointment was nearby at Michigan State University and he relocated to U of M in 2007. An amateur musician (piano), he has fun playing on evenings and weekends with his sons, a cellist and a violist. In addition, Vince enjoys cooking, gardening, exercise and travel. Running the lab has delayed his dream of opening up a bed and breakfast, but perhaps someday he can find out which job is more work…