Physiology Phenotyping Core

The Physiology Phenotyping Core (PPC) provides state of the art phenotyping services for animal models ranging from zebrafish all the way to large animals, with a primary focus on mouse and rodent models of disease. 

The PPC seeks to build upon and expand the expert services previously provided by the Center for Integrative Genomics. In particularly, we are excited for our recent development of services providing microsurgical models of cardiovascular disease and state of the art assessment of cardiac function using miniaturized pressure-volume catheters. It also seeks to test hypotheses based on model predictions for computational model refinement and provides these data sets for developing new computational models. 

The Physiology Phenotyping Core grants core users with access to equipment and platforms for measuring cardiovascular function in animals and creating models of human disease. These platforms include high resolution ultrasound imaging, telemetry, microsurgery, and noninvasive phenotyping.

If you have a research grant that would benefit from having direct access to PPC phenotyping services (such as a multi-PI, PPG or Center Grant), please feel free to contact the PPC  Director, Daniel Michele. We would be happy to work with you on development of the research core portion of your proposal.

If you decide to use our core services, please consider acknowledging the cores in your publications, such as "Phenotyping services were provided by the CVC Small Animal Phenotyping Core in partnership with the Physiology Phenotyping Core at the University of Michigan."