MAC-EPID trains students in molecular epidemiology and provides a network of professionals interested in infectious disease.  It is not a degree or certificate program so there are no prescribed courses. 

However, MAC-EPID oversees two programs that provide training and support for students interested in an integrated experience.

1) The Certificate in Health Care Infection Prevention & Control (CHIP) program and provides UM SPH students with the training necessary to become part of a healthcare-associated infections (HAI) prevention and control team post-graduation.  Through classes and a paid summer internship students have the opportunity to use public health skills in a healthcare environment. Upon completing the CHIP program students receive a certificate that shows they have the knowledge and skills listed here.  Most Internships are in Ann Arbor but some are located elsewhere in the region such as Detroit, Lansing and Grand Rapids.  There is a van that commutes from Rackham to the Detroit hospitals three days a week and there is also a shuttle from Ann Arbor to Lansing.  

See what CHIP students are focusing on.

2) The Interdisciplinary Training Program in Infectious Disease (IPID) provided support for pre-doctoral and post-doctoral training at the interface of epidemiology, ecology, microbiology, complex systems, mathematics, statistics, and medicine.  The program provided:

  • Training in cutting edge laboratory techniques, data collection and analysis, and mathematical modeling.
  • Mentorships by two faculty representing different core disciplines.
  •        To be eligible, program applicants must be one of the following:
  • A new applicant to a relevant University of Michigan graduate program
  • A continuing Michigan students at any stage in their graduate studies.

  • For more information please contact director Betsy Foxman at

    2a) Integrated Training in Microbial Systems (ITiMS) is very similar to IPID but is an unassociated training program available to doctoral students interested in developing skill sets related to the many aspects of microbial systems.