The Center for Molecular and Clinical Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases (MAC-EPID) is an organization connecting people with a common mission across disciplines. We are dedicated to research and training in the evolution, ecology, pathogenesis and transmission of infectious diseases.

Since 1999 MAC-EPID has provided an intellectual focus for students, faculty and staff interested in the transmission, evolution and ecology of infectious diseases. MAC-EPID is a 'virtual' center, hosting a semi-annual symposia series on important infectious disease issues, a training program in healthcare associated infections prevention and control, and guidance on interdisciplinary training in infectious diseases. We are proud to include faculty from 5 units on campus (Engineering, Literature Science and the Arts, Medical School, Natural Resources and Public Health). 

Everyone is welcome to participate in MAC-EPID activities. If you would like to receive notices of events, or formally become part of MAC-EPID as a faculty member or student please contact Dr. Betsy Foxman.

Several faculty in the Department of Epidemiology work in shared MAC-EPID laboratories. There are associated opportunities for training and employment.