Polska Grupa Górnicza is a key partner in building the energy security of Poland. In response to the expectations of cheap and high quality energy, the Company strives for raising the effectiveness and optimizing the production costs, maintaining high standards of environment protection, as well as health and safety issues.
Polska Grupa Górnicza has the greatest hard coal resources and extraction potential in the European Union. The mining areas of Polska Grupa Górnicza mines are located in 42 communes of Silesia province and 3 communes of Małopolskie province. The areas of mining activities cover 603 square km, and the mining areas cover 665 square km.

The JSW Group is the largest producer of high-quality hard (type 35) coking coal and a major producer of coke in the European Union.

JSW’s coking coal is used predominantly in the production of coke which, in addition to iron ore, is an essential component of feedstock for the production of steel.
In its coking plants, the JSW Group processes approximately 50% of the coking coal it produces, thus enabling the Group to offer a final product that is more processed and of a greater value. The Company is also a producer of steam coal, sold mainly to power plants and CHP plants.

The Polish Economic Society (Polskie Towarzystwo Ekonomiczne, PTE) is an independent national association of economists. It was established in 1945 and continues the tradition of the Warsaw Association of Economists and Statisticians and Economic Societies operating in Cracow, Poznan and Lvov before World War II.
At present the Society has 6000 ordinary members and about 220 supporting members (firms, financial institutions, banks). It consists of 24 autonomous regional Branches, whose activities are co-ordinated by the National Board. The Polish Economic Society is a member of the International Economic Association and maintains broad international contacts. The Society's principle aim is to contribute by its activities to the development of economic thought and culture in Polish society.


Technicenter Sp. z o.o. operates in IT sector and offers the solutions that support the monitoring and assessment of company’s financial situation.  It provides author’s IT solutions such as:

  • the system which supports the wide-range and professional financial analysis of a company,
  • the service which provides the financial analysis benchmarks reflecting the branch ratios consistent with NACE classification (PKD 2007), as provided by Statistics Poland databases

The Responsible Business Forum    The Responsible Business Forum is the largest NGO in Poland addressing
the concept of corporate social responsibility in a comprehensive manner, with the longest tradition in Poland, operating since 2000. The Forum is a think-and-do-tank that initiates and partners in key activities for the Polish CSR.

Górnośląsko-Zagłębiowska MetropoliaThe Silesian Metropolis is one of the key urban centres in the country, integrating 14 largest cities in the Silesia and Zagłębie Regions and 2 million inhabitants over a surface area of 1,200km2 It also offers the best investment areas in Poland, an absorptive labour market, unique tourist attraction and many cultural highlights.
Almost 200,000 companies and businesses operate within the Metropolis, generating jointly 8% of the country’s GDP. Good business infrastructure, highly-qualified human resources, attractive investment grounds, the Katowice Special Economic Zone as well as a dense road network and the modern Katowice Airport make the Metropolis the best investment location in Poland.

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