Dissertations, Theses & Significant Projects

Ph.D. Dissertations

Saleh Almestiri, May 2018: "The Dual of SU(2) in the Analysis of Spatial Linkages, SU(2) in the Synthesis of Spherical Linkages, and Isotropic Coordinates in Planar Linkage Singularity Trace Generation"

Seb Cotton, Jul. 2010: "Modélisation, dynamique et estimation du centre de masse de robots humanoïdes" ("Modeling, Dynamics, and Estimation of the Center of Mass of Humanoid Robots") Co-advised with P. Fraisse of Université de Montpellier II, Montpellier, France

Matt Sejba, Dec. 2004: "The Development of Software Tools for the Redesign of Loading Arm Counter Balance Mechanisms"

Lauren Perry, Aug. 2003: "Contributions to the Synthesis of Ps4R Spatial Mechanisms, 6 DOF Spatial Open Chains, and Planar Four- bars, Six-bars and 3DOF Open Chains"

Herb Stumph, May 2000: "Kinematic Synthesis of Four and Six Link Mechanisms used in Mechanical Presses"

M.S. Projects

Hardik Viradiya, Aug. 2018: "CAD Modelling of A Novel Mechanical Press Concept"

Kevin Brand, May 2018: "
Statically Equivalent Serial Chain Protocols and Sensor Evaluation"

  Austin Fischer, Dec. 2017: "Design of a 2DOF Robot for Pick-and-Place Applications"

Brandon Smith, Dec. 2017: "CAD Modelling of a Novel Mechanical Press Concept"

Sean Conway, Aug. 2017: "Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling of Extrudate Flow Through Variable Geometry Die Joints"

Jimmy Vogel, May 2017: "Mechanical Design of a Variable Geometry Die for an Extreme Change in Extrusion Shape"

Alex Hazlett, Dec. 2016: "Robotic Source Capsule Loading, Welding and Inspection"

Suresh Kanathala, Dec. 2015: "Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling of Extrudate Flow Through Variable Geometry Die Joints"

Vijay Krishna, Dec. 2015: "Experimental Investigation and Optimization of A Mechanical Regenerative Braking Launch Assist"

Anna Swigert, Dec. 2015: "Analysis of Variable Geometry Extrusion Die Samples"

Chen Guan, May 2014: "Modeling Discharge Line Temperature of Refrigeration Compressors"

Yu Liang, May 2014: "Machine Design of Scroll Compressor Components"

Brendan O’Grady, Aug. 2010: "Rapid Prototyping of Spherical Mechanisms"

Eric Grimm, Dec. 2006: "Software for the Synthesis of Coupler-Driven Spherical Four-bar Mechanisms"

Suresh Akepati, May 2006: "Kinematic Synthesis Issues in Planar Three-Legged Platforms"

Satyajit Chuahan, Aug. 2005: "Synthesizing Planar Platforms from RPR, PRR and RRR Chains"

Stephen Bilen, May 2005: "Position Selection to Generate Special Cases of Center-Point Curves"

Tim Blum, May 2005: "Developing a Course in Innovative Design for Mechanical Engineers"

Dave Garner, Dec. 2003: "The Relationship Between Poles and Degenerate Center-Point Curves"

Dave Martin, May 2002: "Transition Linkages of Planar Four-Bar Mechanisms"

Undergraduate Projects

Erik Furterer, May - Aug. 2018: "Modeling of Tensegrity Structures for Use in an  Morphing Wing"

Jessica Gilliam, May - Aug. 2018: "Design of a Testing Mannequin for Center of Mass Location Validation"

Joe Raffoul, May - Aug. 2017: "Energy Use in Controlled Motions"

Luke Schepers, May - Aug. 2017: "Statically Equivalent Serial Chain Protocols and Sensor Evaluation"

Sean Duffin, Jan. - May 2017: "The RASSO - A Robotic Assistant for Surgical LaparoScopic Operations

Gus Schraeder, May - Aug. 2016: "CAD Models and Animations of Spatial Mechanisms"

Ethan VanTilburg, May - Aug. 2015: "Shape-Changing Dies for Polymer Extrusion"