The Archaeology Program in the Department of Anthropology maintains resources useful to students, faculty and researchers working in the sub-discipline of Archaeology and related areas.

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The Archaeology Laboratory has a dual function.  It is the undergraduate Teaching Lab for Archaeology courses with a lab component and it houses the Bryan / Gruhn Archaeology Collection.

The Archaeology Preparation Lab provides work space for processing newly acquired artifacts and loans and any required collection maintenance.  It is the home base for the Archaeology Volunteer Program.  

The department Wet Processing Lab, called the Dirty Lab, is situated in the Tory building "subbasement" and provides a cleaning and preparation area for archaeological materials coming in from the field.

Other resources useful to the Archaeology Program include:
Biohazard lab
Photographic studio

Field Equipment
Maps and mapping equipment

The Archaeology Program also organizes or 
participates in Departmental Outreach