Twin Valley Middle School Athletics

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The Philosophy behind Interscholastic Athletics

Athletics are considered an integral part of the school’s program of education. All students are encouraged to participate and every effort is made to accommodate as many as practically possible on any given team. Athletes are encouraged to excel and to win; the principle of good sportsmanship must prevail at all times. The Code of Conduct applies to students during all athletic programs. The principal or athletic director reserves the right to remove a child from any program if he/she is not following the Code of Conduct.

Prior to participating in the athletics program at TVMS, all student-athletes must return the following documents to the athletic director: Athlete's Contract, Athletic Release Form and the Well Exam Form.(click to see Well Exam Form. The Well Exam must be filled out by the Doctor). Before you sign the Athlete's Contract, athlete and parent must review the Concussion Informational Packet and the Athletic Digest. All of these documents can be found below.

Sports Offered to 7th and 8th Grade Boys and Girls: